Interlude. Travel and Robots, Dogs and Conversation

It’s Sunday evening. I’m cooking Duck a L’orange and Cairo is wandering around as music plays in the kitchen. There’s a log fire and Milo is asleep in front of it.

I went to a wake yesterday and was mildly surprised to find that I was the first speaker, I hadn’t prepared and had never met him.

It seemed ok when I spoke, I’m fairly good at bullshit. I left early for two reasons.

Firstly, I’d arranged to meet somebody new from Twitter

Secondly, one of my oldest and best friends told me he was terminal this week and I couldn’t quite trust myself not to get maudlin.

It was a good call.

I had a fantastic, wide ranging conversation that spanned decades.

And books. And films. And jobs. And parents. And robot lawnmowers. And lived experiences. And writing . And doglets. Particularly rescue doglets.

Genuinely a great evening.

Take a moment for yourself when you read this. Have a drink of something nice, call an old friend or tell somebody you love them. Or cuddle your own doglet.

Life can be good.

If we allow it

2 thoughts on “Interlude. Travel and Robots, Dogs and Conversation

  1. Thank you for this.
    You are one of the good guys. It seems an iron law of nature that the good guys get to deal with tough things.

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