In the end

The past is a strange thing, it sometimes comes back and you get a reminder of things you’ve done and the reasons that you did them.

This isn’t really a blog post, it’s a stitching together of the various posts of what happened in the days when my Uncle and Aunt were controlled and coerced, robbed and abused, moved at no notice from county to county and finally rescued.

There’s one more thing. That will be at the end of this post – I hope that this is the last time that I have to type the name Susan Auckland, but I guess we’ll see.

So. In order, this is the whole story to date:

True Detective



The Last Detective

No Country For Old Men


Cry Havoc


The Voice on The Wire

28 Weeks Later

Sucker Punch


The Big Sleep

Put Your Lights On

It was all closed off, the house was sold, the money is paying for Shirley’s care, her relatives are seeing her on a regular basis.

But it appears that some people can’t help repeating their previous behaviours and Susan has turned up again in a small town in Scotland.

Here’s the difference this time.

She’s managed to make somebody suspicious at an early stage.

And they’ve done it to the wrong person this time, somebody who will do the right thing.

They contacted me last week, I was initially suspicious, but I’ve got quite good at this and I found that they’re a real person, with a documented life and no agenda but to do the right thing.

So we spoke.

I’ve offered advice where I can and given names of those in the police and social services who can give the locals information if needed.

And just like that, the world is slightly smaller for Susan and slightly brighter for anybody that she may have been targeting.

To the person who contacted me, I’m glad that you did.

For everybody else. This isn’t an isolated issue, if you’re worried about somebody- call it out, report it. Follow up. It can’t hurt and you may just stop somebody from financially or physically abusing somebody vulnerable.

For Susan. If you’re still name-searching via your solicitor- I hope that this is a good read for them.

This should be the end now. I guess we’ll see

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