Deities and Dogs. A Reprise

Once upon a time, a while ago, my life was travelling.

I spent months at a time in India for work, coming back to catch up for a week or two before going off again. It was interesting but not really fun.

Apart from the things that were off the wall, unplanned and more random than I could ever imagine.

I met the god Shiva a number of times and he made sure that I knew he was around – see..

Eventually that all calmed down and I haven’t been out of the UK for over two years.

And I didn’t want to.

I still don’t really. These two little monkeys have filled my heart in a way that I didn’t think possible, but needs must.

So I’m off to Australia.

And like everything in my life – it’s not simple. I’m unvaccinated and the Australians have been very, very rigid about travel. It was all very fraught.

But at the last minute, they’ve opened up travel and mine is pretty much the first flight out.

Blind luck?

Synchronicity ?

Or is it, as one of my colleagues commented without irony, a deity giggling at me?

The bastard.

We’ll see.

I already miss the doglets.

But life is still out there. And it has to be lived.

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