Sucker Punch

Almost a year ago on the 12th May 2018; the long running saga of my Uncle’s strange disappearance, the subsequent tracking him down and the twists and turns of dealing with a broken system began.

All of the various updates from True Detective to 28 Weeks Later can be found here:

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Fast Forward

To today and my Dad is in hospital, there’s a few things wrong with him and he’s not getting any younger. He’s been there for a week now and as I type this, I’ve seen him for the last time for at least a fortnight as I fly out to Malaysia for work tomorrow night.

I had made a promise to my Dad a year ago that he’d see his Brother again but I had to break some bad news to him a few weeks ago.

Here We Go…. Again

Since the last time I spoke to my Uncle, I’ve kept in loose contact with the various people and agencies and he was in Cambridge somewhere for a few months, where; guess what


Right first time.

Another social services case.

This time though, I heard from North Yorkshire and they told me that I would be called (if I consented) by a case worker from Cambridgeshire who needed some help.

Another week went by before I was actually called and I had a long conversation with a nice gentleman who basically wanted to know everything that I’d found out and copies of all the evidence that I’d submitted to Police and Social Services.

I agreed to send it and things went quiet again.

Partly because he never sent his email address.

Partly because.

On the Road Again

On the 22nd or 23rd April , they moved back to Middleham, the pattern had repeated again and they surfaced from a taxi and the neighbours could hear the shouting and bawling the moment that they arrived.

I can only imagine how that felt after the peace and quiet that they’d had since December, knowing that the noise and filth had returned and that there was nothing they could do about it.

And then.

On the 24th April 2019

Something Changed

Police and Social Services forced an entry and Arthur and Shirley were taken to a care home.

The local Police Sergeant rang to let me know but Arthur wasn’t willing to talk to anybody.

Susan wasn’t given the address.

She did buy a dog the same day though. £800 apparently, so that’s nice.

A week or so went by and I recieved another call to say that Arthur still didn’t want to talk, but was slowly coming round to the idea.

He had the strange idea that I’m after his money and so’s my Dad. It was pointed out to him that his money is gone (on a long list of things to find out), so that changed things a bit I’m told.

The Hospital

That my Dad is currently in isn’t too bad but it’s a long drive each way and I went to see him yesterday and he talked about getting a will together and a power of attorney signed in case he gets worse. He seems to be improving though, so this is just sensible.

I mailed the Sergeant that I’ve been in contact with and let her know the situation, she actually mailed back pretty quickly but is on leave until Friday. She said she’d get a PC to pop in.

Sucker Punch

My dad called me last night. I expect the worst on every call at the moment and I had a wobble for a few seconds as his voice was cracking and he was near tears.

Arthur had called.

They had a long chat and he and Shirley are delighted to be in the care home. Arthur wants to see my Dad again and I’ll sort that when I get back from Malaysia.

I can’t praise North Yorkshire Police, a certain estate agent and all the friends who helped along the way.

There’s a huge drink in it for you all – and my undying thanks and support if you ever need me.

I made a promise a year ago.

I’m going to keep it.

5 thoughts on “Sucker Punch

  1. Great work I’m glad to see that after all of your hard work you’ve got some sort of happy ending.

  2. Looking after your family, in the way that you have, or tried to in your Uncle’s case, is testament to your humanity.
    That you let some of us help, in whatever way we could, either through seeking advice, through assisting personally, or help in whatever way we could, tells us more about the son, nephew, man and friend, that you are.
    I’m proud to know you.
    I’m proud to have helped.
    I’m very glad that you didn’t nonce me in Yorkshire.
    The princess castle Ebay photo was a fake.

    I can’t wait to buy you a pint, and raise my own to you.

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