Return of the Sea Dog

A few weeks ago, I wrote these words.

‘At no point did a big wave pick me up, hurl me seventy yards down the beach, pull my shorts to my knees and dump me underwater. That didn’t happen, because nobody saw it. Probably’

Today I woke up early, went to the gym, then had a light breakfast of eggs and pineapple juice and lazed by the pool for a while, where I met this cute little chap, who graciously posed for me for a while. 


After the photo shoot, I walked to the beach for my normal walk to see how much it’s changed again . 

And spotted two of my colleagues in the sea. 

Deciding that a diversion would be nice, I walked in for a chat and WOW!. 

The sea today is FANTASTIC, huge waves that appear out of nowhere, strange clashes of water that spay high into the air. 

And a surf that picks you up, dumps you thirty yards down the beach and leaves you underwater with your shorts pulled down. 

This time with witnesses. They had the same problem though and I was too busy laughing to care. 

It was wonderful, just the sun and the surf, with occasional outbursts of laughter. 

Oh  – and the odd, wonderful glimpse of fish leaping three feet out of the water. 

After a while, I continued my walk and watched some fairly large crabs scuttle along the sand and then plunge into the surf, it’s graceful and strangely beautiful, they retract their legs and glide in, disappearing into the froth and bubbles. 

I’m now sitting on my terrace again, having seen  little groups of the little chipmunks chase each other around, making huge leaps through trees and bushes, nimble and graceful, I could watch them for hours. 


One of my guardian crows is sitting in a branch above me, having scared off a beautiful blue bird that may be an Indian Kingfisher. 

All in all a perfect day so far. 

We’re off to Temple Bay for dinner after work  – yesterday I wrote a piece about meeting Shiva and him saying that we’d get together and ‘fuck shit up’ tonight. 

I’m curious to find out what happens. 

Have a great day and try to find something that makes you smile. 

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