Rock Dog

I’ve done remarkably little today, breakfast, gym, sunbathing, a a couple of beers in the pool, a short walk along the beach where I sat on some rocks for a while (and got nicely burnt), catch-up TV, a short doze and a longer walk along the beach at dusk.

It seems like a lot written down like that, but I’ve drifted along today, brain nicely in idle and I’ve enjoyed it so far.

I have 3 cars ordered to take 12 of us into the nearest town at 730 local time (2pm to most of you) and we’re going to try a local restaurant for a change.

Also today, I have continued my irrational but committed effort to wear a T Shirt to destruction.

It’s a pristine 1991 Guns N’ Roses ‘Here Today, Gone to Hell” shirt that has only been worn once before. I’m not exactly sure why it’s being subjected to daily wear and washout, but it has.

I’m determined to destroy it or wear it so much that it’s unrecognisable.

Sitting on the rocks for a while was wonderfully calming, nobody walked past for the whole time and the most effort apart from breathing in the salt air was to take one single photo.

I walked back to the pool feeling strangely serene and finished my beer in a reflective frame of mind.

It must have showed; as the pool barman engaged me in conversation about life in the area, his job, his town and his belief that the local people have a drink problem en masse. According to him, if the bars are left open all night, people will drink all night and no work would get done.

I disagreed, but then thought about Liverpool, so shut up fairly quickly.

My new friend also offered to do a beer exchange service for me – I buy at local rates (£1.30 a 750ml bottle) and he exchanges for a cold one from the fridge (hotel rates £4.50 for the same beer). I’m considering the merits of a case in the room now….

It’s dusk as I write this, the crows are going absolutely mad in the trees above, there are hundreds of them and the sound is strangely hypnotic, almost like a language that I could understand if I just listened a bit more.

The light is fading quite fast and the sea is at that curious pale colour that it gets just before darkness falls.

which means it’s time to get ready for dinner.

I’m looking forward to our trip out tonight, it’ll be good to see something a little less sanitised than the hotel, I suspect the food will be spicier too.

Have a good Sunday, I feel the real Thunderdog barking and growling in my subconscious , so may actually tell some more of his story soon.

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