The deliberate blindness of the left

Some of you know this already, but my twitter alter ego is @Edintern.

I love being him, he’s idealistic, honest, polite and respectful and he never abuses people.

The polar opposite of this account in fact.

He’s been fielding responses to Ed Miliband for a while and he’s taken in a member of the Labour whip team and some half decent social commentators.

But he’s getting a bit despondent this week.

The world is a horrible place and there’s a lot of very bad things happening.


The list goes on and it genuinely does include Gaza; a subject on which I don’t know enough to really comment on. Except people on both sides are dying.

The Intern’s depression stems from the fact that the majority of responses to Ed’s asinine tweets (apart from the glorious Fuck Off Beaker) seem to be anti-Israeli and hopelessly one sided.

A typical conversation is here:

The Intern is younger than me by many years and he is genuinely bemused by the irrational hatred that his own side shows to the only country in the middle-east with free elections, real industry (rather than oil) and a burgeoning tourist industry.

What really worries him is the fact that if he dares to ask questions on ISIS, Syria, etc then he gets either blocked or told that they’re effectively internal problems.

What does any of this mean? Neither the intern or I know.. But what I do know is that while we ignore atrocities carried out in the name of the religion of peace and concentrate on the one state that we may need at some point to do our dirty work with the caliphate or a nuclear sharia state; we’re not following our own agenda.

In the meantime, the intern will continue to try to engage these people in rational discussion, something that his leader would never think to do.

It’s easy to pump out populist garbage and a lot harder to educate the idiots that your own party has created .

Until the day that Ed grows a pair, all we can do is to hope that these people don’t become a de facto majority..

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