*Video System initiates, connection made*


‘You’ve changed your hair’

‘Yes, I did it last week, what do you think?’

‘It’s lovely, it shows your eyes more somehow. They’re more intense than they were, greener… – Hang on, they’re adjusting me at this end’

*background noises* 

‘That’s better, I can see you properly now……It’s like you’re lying next to me, let me just look at you for a second, I want to bask in the glow from your eyes if that’s OK……I’ve missed you so much and this feels like I’ve been granted a moment of grace and peace. I just want to take it all in.’

‘Take your time, I’ll watch your eyes while you do, I’m not going anywhere.’

*sighing noises*

‘So, tell me about your day. You know how mine has been. It’s always pretty much the same, except today the call got scheduled. Tell me everything. All the little details.’

‘Well, I woke up early again, I don’t really sleep through the night at the moment, but it gave me the chance to choose clothes for the call and to take the dog out for a nice long walk. He’s so funny these days. It’s like he’s trying to make up for you not being here. He goes and finds his own sticks and brings them to me. This morning he tried to drag a whole fucking branch out of a ditch. I was in hysterics, It was five times his size, like a man trying to drag a tree..’


‘Then the little shit decided that we were going the wrong way for the walk and just kept going til we reached the fountain. He wouldn’t come back no matter what. Just sat there and I think…. I think he posed for a picture. Look!’

‘That’s beautiful and.. random. Maybe he’s psychic, I was only thinking about him and the fountain this morning and looking through old photos. But… God  – that’s a beautiful picture. Thank you… Then what?

‘I took him to the cafe for breakfast and we shared a sausage sandwich. Well, you know. He ate most of it and then started looking for people to beg food from.’

‘I bet at least one person fed him. AND gave you a dirty look for starving the little bastard.’


‘Yep, some old boy gave me a few treats for him, just in case he was hungry later.’

‘Evil genius… I always knew it.’

‘Very evil. Then we walked home, I took my time because I wanted to be relaxed for the call and to be here for you properly. Can they bring you a cup of tea? I’m going to make one and it’d be nice to share one together even though we’re so far apart’

*mumbles and background noise*

‘Yes, they’ll bring one. Let me watch you make a cup of tea…’

‘OK, let’s just wander into the kitchen.. It hasn’t changed really – see?’ 

*background noises*

‘Ok, that’s the kettle on, I’ll just sit here for a minute, tell me what you’re thinking.’

‘I’m just so happy that we got the chance to do this, it feels… normal, like I’m there in the room with you. You have no idea how much I’ve missed that. Whenever we’ve talked on the phone, theres been distractions and I haven’t been able to picture you properly. This is like.. like coming home. ‘

‘I know, I can’t believe it.. My tea is nearly ready, is yours coming?’

*mumbles, noises* 

‘Yes it’s here, I’m going to drink my tea and just look at you if that’s OK. I want this normal thing to carry on and never end..’

‘Of course, let me just take the tea back to the bed so I can lie and watch you drink too.’

*background noises*

‘I’m back…let’s do this tea thing.’

*background noises*

‘Ahhhhh, that’s lovely. I’ve missed all these little things, I don’t think I realised how much until this was scheduled and then it hit me. All the things that I took for granted, they were so important and I never knew. Like I said, it feels like I’ve been granted some grace. And I’m making the most of it’

‘Good. I know what you mean, life just gets in the way of life somehow and we miss the things that matter. Let’s enjoy this moment and store it away – it feels like some sort of magic anyway, so let’s use it.’

‘Magic is a good word. It’s so lovely lying here and looking at your beautiful face. Thousands of miles and five timezones apart and I’m in the room with you, those eyes shining at me.. Hang on is that…..?’

‘Yep, he’s woken up and wants to join in. “come here, say hello” .. here he is..’

‘Hello you little pisswizard, where’s my stick?’

*Barking and yelping noises*

‘Be good, bite every fucker that even looks dodgy.. good boy.’

‘Oi.. are you trying to corrupt my dog again?’

‘Yep.. he needs reminding that he has a worlwide reputation to live up to.. the god of small dogs and idiots.’



‘Shit this is going quickly, I could do this all night – as a matter of fact, I can’t imagine anything more lovely than watching you drift off to sleep and listening to your breathing.’

‘Me too. do you want me to stay to watch YOU sleep at the end of the call?’

‘I don’t know, do you want to?’

‘Yes and no, but I think so.. I want this to be as complete as possible. I’ve missed you so much and I don’t want to miss anything now.’



‘So…. what else happened?’

‘Well, I had lunch, cleared up, did a bit of work and then put the dress on that I chose for the call. Then changed it. Then changed it again. Then tried jeans and a t shirt. Then another dress. Then started it all again.’


‘Which one did you choose? Wait.. it was the third one… No the original..’


‘Yes.. do you like it?’

‘Beautiful. Perfect. Like a dream come true. I mean that. This whole thing is like a dream right now… God… your EYES…’


‘Shit.. where’s the time going.. hang on. they’re adjusting me at this end again.. sorry…’

*background noises* 

‘OK – I’m back, is there anything you want to know from me?’

‘Just to look at you, does it hurt at all?’

‘It did at times and I’m told that it will in a few days as things get closer. That’s why today is happening, I want some beauty and there you are..’

‘I never understood why you went all the way there for treatment, but I think I do now.. you always had a plan B’

‘Yes. this is it. If things had worked, it would have just been expensive, but this is the other doorway and I’m choosing when to walk through it.’

*indeterminate noises*


‘Thank you for doing this. I’ve got your beautiful face locked into my brain now and  I know now that your eyes are the stars that will guide me home.. You know I….’

‘Yes. me too. Always. Him too’

‘Good.. look after each other.. Can you hear me Pisswizard?’ 

*background noises*

It’s time.. I’m told that I’ll jus.. drif… sleep… your eyes…. lov… Oh GOD.. so beautif……….

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